Glory is a project by Caterina Barbieri and Kali Malone (US) for electric guitars and spectral freeze inspired by polytempic canons, modality and overtone-centered harmony. It’s pristine and severe patterns pour monumental landscapes of bliss from the pythagorean region of the harmonic spectrum.


Glory is a monologue told by multiple guitars from slightly different perspectives. In order to achieve Glory’s intended potential, the musicians dissolve their individual ego and unite, forming a singular entity. Similar to a vocal ensemble, every voice contributes to the mass of something larger than itself, and no singular voice is distinguishable. As much as Glory is a monologue, it is also a dialogue.  A dialogue that is built from a single cantus firmus that splinters and refracts into multiple voices through canon, retrograde, palindrome and polytempic compositional tactics.


The duo began composing Glory in November 2014 and premiered a working version of the piece at Made In Woman (Bologna, IT). Nearly half a year later, Fylkingen commissioned a performance of Glory at Norberg Festival (SE) and Elektronmusikstudion supported a two week composers residency in Stockholm. In early 2016 the duo had a residency at the center of music research Tempo Reale (Florence, IT) to prepare a record and create a new arrangement of Glory for a bigger guitar ensemble. The residency ended with the presentation of Glory at the former Benedectine Monastery and Florence prison Le Murate (Florence, IT).


The final movement of Glory has been released on XKatedral Volume III (Tape) in October 2016.


"Malone and Barbieri’s “Glory” kicks off with an esoteric Americana feel. Slowly evolving guitar loops transfer one into a very cinematic hypnotic state, an imaginary gothic townscape appearing in the desert horizon. Just as the previous compilation, “Glory” is astonishing in its details, soundscapes circulating around the main melodic line, crawling beneath it." (Secret Thirteen)


"a beautiful set that was almost shoegaze with a stunning wall of sound not far from what a coalescence between Troum and Slowdive might sound, if a bit more minimal. The mellow drones flourished in the concrete mazes of Mimer, and were roaming all around." (Secret Thirteen)


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 © 2017 Caterina Barbieri

 © 2017 Caterina Barbieri

 © 2017 Caterina Barbieri