Punctum  is a collaboration between Carlo Maria and Caterina Barbieri started in early 2016 during a residency at Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm and premiered at Nowhere Festival in Rome.

Their first album Remote Sensing was premiered at The Long Now 2017 in a 2.5 hours long set and released on in May 2017  (12'', 8).


"303s, 606s and Buchlas dance around each other like an harmonic kaleidoscope. (...) It’s like a set of opening credits, or an tuning orchestra, setting the stage for something huge, before snaking away into the distance. Fitting then, this should be the opening for one of the most exciting records in recent memory. (Stray Landings)


Punctum takes an alien phenomenology approach to the naked sound of Roland TB303 and TR606, by stripping compositional tactics down to brutal minimalism. Expanded through multilayered delay lines and resonant chorus effects, the widely-recognisable Roland sound signature turns into an hybrid where the culturally established source bonding is dramatically blurred.

The choice to limit the sound palette to such a legendary timbre further reinforces the subversion effect of sound disembodiment and revisionism. By means of reduction and subtraction, the iconic sound of the silver boxes is virtually projected into an ideal desert. Where extrinsic links are hard to grasp, the perception of the sound object itself is enhanced and refreshed, thus revealing uncharted territories of sonic investigation. Unified into an archetype of sonic purity, the high tech soul of the Roland machines coexists with a dimension of timeless acoustic phenomena such as resonance, reflection and reverberation.






 © 2017 Caterina Barbieri

 © 2017 Caterina Barbieri

 © 2017 Caterina Barbieri